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With its advanced OpenTextOps capabilities, Fuse Management Central empowers you to streamline your operations, enhance your infrastructure, and gain a comprehensive visibility into your OpenText landscape.



Our platform will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, automatically detecting and initiating a comprehensive analysis of system telemetry data.

With our OpenTextOps approach, you can focus on what matters most - driving business success - while we take care of the rest, seamlessly optimizing your OpenText solutions for peak performance.

Plug and Manage

Plug and Manage

Our Plug and Manage technology makes deployment and setup a breeze, Off-Cloud, Cloud, wherever you want it, allowing you to gain full visibility and control over your OpenText systems within minutes.

Once up and running, all your OpenText solutions will be under our OpenTextOps tight management and monitoring.

Lightning fast

Lightning fast

Whether you're managing a single system or multiple systems, or even multiple environments, all at once, our platform is designed for efficient and seamless team collaboration.

With its lightning-fast performance, Fuse Management Central enables you to effortlessly optimize your OpenText solutions, saving time and resources while maximizing productivity.

Ready to use

Ready to use

Get up and running quickly with Fuse Management Central's ready-to-use solution!

Our platform comes equipped with optimal settings and a built-in knowledge base of best practices alerts, allowing you to deploy and start monitoring your OpenText systems right away. No need to spend time configuring complex settings.

Unlocking OpenTextOps

Learn how our platform optimizes OpenText operations with real-time observability and centralized administration.

  • Get ahead of performance issues with Fuse Management Central's real-time analysis of your OpenText systems. Monitor system health, resource usage, and performance trends to proactively identify and address potential performance bottlenecks while ensuring smooth operations.

  • Gain complete visibility into your OpenText systems with Fuse Management Central's comprehensive 360º observability. Monitoring system components, transactions, and user activities in real-time to understand system behaviour, detect anomalies, and troubleshoot issues effectively.

  • Streamline OpenTextOps with top-notch administration experience. Gain centralized control over system or cluster configurations, settings, and processes, enabling seamless configuration, administration, and monitoring of your OpenText solutions via a unified interface.

  • Stay ahead of issues with Fuse Management Central's automated alerts and proactive remediation. Detect and resolve issues before they impact business performance or availability, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

  • Ensure consistent system configurations across your OpenText environments with built-in, or custom-made configuration policies. Enforce best practices and security standards to maintain a compliant and secure system environment, reducing risks and ensuring system integrity.

  • Access past system metrics with the Time-Machine. Easily roll back configurations, compare system states, and analyze changes to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues, improving system reliability and availability.

  • Generate comprehensive service reports with detailed insights into system performance, usage, and compliance. Use the reports for decision-making, auditing, and reporting purposes to gain visibility into system health, resource utilization, and compliance with configuration policies.

  • ...And Much More

Use The Time Machine anywhere

All system data (components, performance, thread usage, etc.) are correlated and can be viewed at any time. By using the “Time Machine” functionality, system administrators can “step back in time” and navigate all Fuse Management Central interfaces as if they were at that moment in time, enabling quick identification of problems and perform deeper analysis on the metrics.

Run Anywhere
Optimize MTTI & MTTR

Everything, Everywhere at Any Time

As the Intelligent OpenTextOps Platform, Fuse Management Central is boosting the collaboration and communication between different teams and systems. By providing real-time visibility and contextualized administration, it enables OpenText administrators to quickly identify and resolve issues, no matter where they are, with the confidence that they have everything they need to keep their systems running smoothly, everywhere, and at any time.

travel through time
no data lost
real time operations
Streamlined Administration

Engineered for the OpenText ecosystem

With tight integration and native support for OpenText solutions, Fuse Management Central is engineered to offer optimized performance, monitoring, and interoperability with your OpenText environments, empowering you with advanced observability and administration capabilities.

Unified Solution Management for |
Reduce Compliance and Security Risk

Designed To Do (Much!) More With Less

With Fuse Management Central, OpenText teams unlock the power to automate, optimize, and deliver unparalleled service excellence. Tailored for self-managed, managed services, or mixed run teams, Fuse Management Central provides precise answers to overcome obstacles, streamline operations, and unleash flawless service performance.



Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is achieved through lower MTTI & MTTR, enhanced alert investigation, capacity planning, real-time performance analysis, optimizing system performance, reducing downtime, and proactive resource monitoring.



Problem Escalations

Escalations are managed through detailed alerts, streamlined monitoring and administration, contextual CTA alert remediation, and problem-pinpointing walkthroughs, facilitating quick issue resolution and minimizing operational impact.



Operational Costs

By decreasing efforts, streamlining processes, and a faster onboarding, operational audit and reporting, optimizing resource allocation, team efficiency, and cost analysis, while minimizing training overheads and learning curve.

Get more value with Integrations

Enhance your current ITSM and monitoring tools by seamlessly integrating Fuse Management Central's OpenTextOps

Connect tools
Connect tools
connect your tools, connect your teams

Introduce OpenTextOps to your teams, saving time, and eliminating context-switching.

Unified and secure

Unified and secure

Enjoy a holistic view of your OpenText solutions' health and performance, ensuring the continued integrity and reliability of your systems.

No additional costs

No additional costs

Integrate Fuse Management Central with the ITSM and monitoring tools you already have.

Keep your teams in the loop

Keep your teams in the loop

Don't miss a beat with immediate alerts, ensuring efficient team communication and proactive problem resolution.


Customer Stories

  • Fuse Management Central is the missing piece to administer OpenText Content Server and OpenText Archive Center. It helps to monitor in real-time the inside of OpenText's software without having to read tons of logs making it easy to spot issues and prevent outages.

    Jean-Philippe Forti
    ECM & Records Management Specialist

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  • Using Fuse Management Central, we can monitor in real-time the applications’ health, and additionally, we may also proactively be alerted for malfunctions based on a set of thresholds set in various components of the systems. Fuse Management Central can be nicely and easily integrated with the Checkmk open source skyrocketing the monitoring experience.

    Markos Dolopikos
    Principal Officer for Information Technologies

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    Black Sea Trade & Development Bank
  • This implementation is an example of our successful ecosystem. Together with our partners, we are able to carry out and complete projects quickly and professionally, after which our customers can use the best solutions in the field of Customer Experience and OpenText Extended ECM.

    Arno Jellema
    Chief Experience Officer at tcf.

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  • I don’t need to spend time searching for errors or looking for daily availability checks, Fuse Management Central alerts me of everything. This has allowed me to prioritize and be time-efficient, using my time for innovation and customer satisfaction.

    Brian Schöni
    Head of Enterprise Content Management

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