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VILT is a customer focused organization and the products that company develops are the result of several years of experience in the field, experience in ECM projects. We have heard customer complaints and needs and delivered products that meet their expectations, investing substantially in our R&D department since 2005.

Our Products are tightly integrated with the 3rd party ECM platforms and technologies, making our ECM solutions richer and unique.


VILT Products


RTB (Real Time Biz) is a real-time analytics and auditing platform, enabling the potential of Enterprise 2.0 in your organization. RTB provides you always up-to-date information, letting you use speed for competitive advantage. Read more


RTB Web & Social Analytics is an innovative and powerful tool combining web analytics (visitors, visits, page views, etc) and social analytics (comments, ratings, social networks usage such as facebook or twitter).  Read more


RTB Audit is a real-time auditing solution, offering you the ability to capture, archive and report on all internal events you selected (user activities, content changes, etc), enabling you to comply with corporate or legal regulatory requirements. Read more


Dynamic Portal Module (DPM) for Third Party Portals provides integration of the OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) System with 3rd party Portals (non-OpenText) to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Read more