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Fuse Management Central is a web administration console for OpenText Content Server®/Extended ECM, providing to Customers and Managed Services teams a unified management and monitoring solution, introducing a new layer of security on system administration, shortening the system administration learning curve and providing administrators with a multi-level 360º view over your system components, leveraging real-time notifications across multiple channels.

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"The most simplified and intuitive OpenText Content Server/Extended ECM management solution"

Insight & Control

Keep track and clearly understand all of your EIM landscape application details, deepening its details through environments, their systems and respective components.

Insight & Control


All system status data (components, performance, threads usage, …) are correlated and can be visualized at any point in time. By using the Time-Machine feature administrators can “go back in time” and navigate into all Fuse Management Central interfaces as if they were on that specific moment in time, allowing to quickly pinpoint issues and drill-down into metric details.

System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Fuse Management Central has a built-in knowledge base, based on OpenText Content Server®/Extended ECM administration best practices, covering various behavioural scenarios and proactively alerting you of incorrect or low-performance system components.

System Administration

System Administration

With Fuse Management Central intuitive user interface, administrators can now perform their administration tasks directly from a system component, maintaining the context and understanding of it. And, if it's business hours, administrators can opt to schedule any administration task, such as configurations, avoiding manual off-hours tasks.


Managing Content Server/Extended ECM

Will never be the same...

Time is a limited resource so why not leave the most complex and boring tasks for the machines! Our goal and vision is to provide a simplified solution to understand and harness the power of the best and more powerful ECM solution on the market, OpenText Content Server/Extended ECM.


The Swiss Army Knife for testing Web Interfaces in the most simple and powerful way.

Minium is a web testing automation platform that ensures all your web applications are always fully functional, in all the different browsers and operating systems.

If something is not working as expected, you (the business owner) get a notification and get a video with the error the user is getting. You can also access the Minium Manager console and access detailed reports on the tests execution and results.

The beauty of the product is how easy it is to write tests. Writing new tests gets almost as easy as writing English or hitting the record button. There’s a specific console available for it.


Content migration gives you a headache? Not anymore!

Especially crafted to make migration processes easy. Motion is an application built on top of a generic content migration engine designed to move and transform content across repositories.

You can use Motion to:

  1. migrate from one EIM platform to another (e.g. Documentum to OpenText Content Server; Adobe Experience Management to OpenText Web Experience Management)
  2. keep content synchronized between different environments of the same solution (typically synchronizing pre-production and dev environments with the production one)

Motion is a connector-based platform, having connectors available for popular content management solutions (including OpenText Content Server, Documentum and OpenText Web Experience Management) and open APIs to allow the development of new connectors.

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Smart Permissions is a module for OpenText™ Content Server™, improving content access and extending the audit log, leveraging user experience in accessing content, improving user adoption on the platform.

Some of the key features are:

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