Vilt award

VILT's deep expertise and know-how are recognized globally, having delivered many successful OpenText Implementations and projects, with a customer portfolio that includes 300+ organizations worldwide.

Open Text - Partner Reseller Gold
Open Text - Partner Services Gold
Open Text - Partner Support
OpenText SolEx

VILT has a team of over 230 talented and highly dedicated IT professionals who are experts with unique technical skills in Enterprise Content Management, Rapid Application Development, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management and Customer Communication Management.

Unique Know-how


Successful Projects


Technology Experts






Recognized by Excellence

We are proud to be recognised for the standard of our services and products.

Vilt award


We provide all kind of solutions to a variety of challenges


We provide all kind of solutions to a variety of challenges


Digital Proccess Automation / Low Code


Ai & Analytics


OpenText Solution Extensions
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Social Responsibility

VILT Group embraces a set of initiatives and policies that aim to improve our resources' effectiveness with a minimal ecological footprint. We work to ensure that all services provided guarantee assurance and confidence to our customers and partners. We work diligently to protect their data and business interests without neglecting the needs and concerns of the local communities.

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Sports Sponsoring

Sports Sponsoring

Sport is an essential and integral part of society, and we believe in empowering athletes and teams in their professional endeavours.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

We believe trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air.

Green IT

Green IT

We practice and believe in environmentally sustainable and responsible computing.

Portuguese Paralympic Committee

Portuguese Paralympic Committee

VILT is proud to sponsor the Olympic Committee of Portugal.

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