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VILT is a great team of talented, dedicated and innovative people. This is the key to VILT´s success and our customers' success too. Our Experts have unique technical skills and know-how and always face the challenges with the right attitude, listening to the customer´s expectations and needs and answering with the right solution. We are proud of our excellence amongst our teams in Lisbon, Braga, Barcelona, Madrid, London, São Paulo & Singapore .

What you can expect when working with us?

Our 5 commandments

    The best way to describe VILT's culture and values is letting you know VILT's 5 commandments, the professional ethics foundation of this company, which every VILT Employee is very familiar with:
  • Customer's interests are always first.
  • We are a Team and work always as a Team.
  • Each team member always gives his best.
  • We are always part of the solution, never part of the problem.
  • Good humor is mandatory
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Besides our teams working for customer projects all over the world, we have an engineering team focused on creating quality products, with state-of-the-art technology, from all the experience we have in the industry.$|
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