Iberia: Migration to OpenText Web Experience Management 7.6 Platform

Iberia is Spain’s largest air transport group and, after its merger with British Airways in January 2011, it has become the third-largest in Europe and the sixth one in the world in terms of revenues. It is also the leading airline on routes between Europe and Latin America, with the most flights and destinations.
Iberia’s business, conducted without interruption for more than 80 years, is focused on three main activities: Transport of passengers and cargo, aircraft maintenance and handling services is airports

(Information according Iberia Website)

The challenge

Iberia elected Vignette VCM (Vignette Content Management) as the first solution to manage their enterprise content.  As Iberia business expanded over the years, the number of company websites, content produced and broadcasted grew, as well as the importance of Iberia Group´s Intranet.
Iberia needed to upgrade the web content management platform that was using for some time to a more agile platform, for easier content edition and management. Iberia needed to migrate some Internet Portals (Iberia Portal systems, Iberia Airport Services Portal, Iberia Maintenance Portal, emergency Portal) and Intranet to a new platform, on new machines.


The solution

Using its 10 years experience in large content management projects and its expertise in Vignette and now OpenText solutions, VILT performed the migration of the already existent Vignette Content Management 7.3.05 platform to new OpenText Web Experience Management  7.6. VILT has also performed the migration from Vignette Portal 7.2 to OpenText Portal 7.4.

These updated versions enabled the customer to use a content publication system much faster and more intuitive. With the new platforms versions its also easier to diagnose eventual problems, thus decreasing the response time required for a solution.

In addition to technology updates, VILT made a full meeting of all applications that composed the websites and the Intranet, ensuring a greater performance, stability and especially reducing drastically the ongoing maintenance costs.
To meet the project goals, VILT also implemented a versions repository, centralizing and structuring the applications code of the Intranet and the Internet portals.


The results

With the new versions of OpenText Web Experience Management and OpenText Portal platforms, Iberia acquired a more agile platform, for easier content edition and management. With the versions repository, developed by VILT, it´s easier to undertake future developments and interactions.