Web Content Management

The customer engagement experience.

In the last decade, the Web has evolved from a publishing medium, to a venue where people meet, collaborate and conduct business. Companies know that to engage their audience they must provide a rich user experience in their websites, incorporating rich interactive content that involves and entertains the users, such as images, audio, video, flash animations or web pages. The users also demand fresh content, always up to date, loosing interest if that is not the case.


Meet the high expectations of your customers, partners and employees.

Web Content Management solutions provide you:

  • Agility & responsiveness: empower the business users to create, manage and publish rich and interactive content to any web site or other online destination without involving technical experts.
  • Multi-channel publishing: publish the content where you need it (web sites, mobile sites, print, etc) and when you need it.
  • Consistency of the user experience: reduce risk and deliver a consistent experience to the users through intelligent publishing.
  • Improve organization and processes: streamline rich content creation and approval processes, such as marketing collateral production, video production, etc.


The table below presents the WCM solutions/products which VILT uses:

Commercial Solutions OpenText  Learn more
´╗┐´╗┐Open Source solutions Joomla  Learn more
Drupal  Learn more
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