Records Management

Keep it safe. Keep it recorded.

Every enterprise must be able to provide recorded evidence of past events, transactions, and decisions. This is true whether the enterprise is a business, a government agency, a non-profit organization, a family, or an individual person. Records contain information that is both a valuable evidential resource and an important business asset.

Fundamental to both the private and public sectors.

Government agencies at the national and sub-national levels have laws requiring them to keep and preserve records. Every business also exists within an environment that demands recordkeeping. Some industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, and accounting are highly regulated by government and the regulations often specify detailed recordkeeping practices. Business records are essential for accountability to investors and shareholders. The legal and health care professions are heavily dependent on their records to conduct business. Tax laws affect businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individual persons in different ways, but all of them necessitate records.

Records Management solutions offer you the following benefits:

  • Organizing information for retrieval when needed.
  • Protecting records that are essential to mission-critical business operations.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory recordkeeping requirements, thereby avoiding costly fines or other penalties.
  • Reducing risks in litigation, government investigations, and the legal discovery process.
  • Reducing labor requirements for the creation, organization, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information.
  • Minimizing storage requirements (space, equipment, and supplies) for a given quantity of records.
  • Reducing the time and effort required to reconstruct vital information in the event of disaster, theft, and other losses.


The table below presents the Records Management solutions/products which VILT uses:

Commercial Solutions EMC Documentum Records Management  Learn more
OpenText Records Management Learn more
Open Source Solutions Alfresco  Learn more
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