Enterprise Search

Access to all data sources and files with no limits.

Enterprise Search is used to describe the application of search technology to information within an organization. The major challenge faced by Enterprise search is the need to index data and documents from a variety of sources such as: file systems, intranets, document management systems, e-mail, and databases, etc and then present a consolidated list of relevance ranked resources from these various sources.

In addition, many applications require the integration of structured data as part of the search criteria and when presenting results back to the users. And of course access controls are vital if users are to be restricted to data and documents which they are granted access by the various document repositories within the enterprise.

Today, the Enterprise Search challenge becomes bigger, due to the explosive growth of volume and diversity of information and data systems in business, and the advent of Big Data: extracting structure and meaning from heterogeneous sources has become a real problem.

VILT and Sinequa have an answer: an Unified Information Access Platform, a single system that indexes and search any repository, providing intelligent access to information and transforming data into actionable information, in a single interface.


Unified Information Access Platform by Sinequa



The table below presents the Enterprise Search solutions/products which VILT uses:

Commercial Solutions Sinequa Learn more
Google Search Appliance Learn more 
Open Source Solutions Apache Solr Learn more
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