Enterprise 2.0

Collaborative knowledge.

Enterprise 2.0 is a set of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise, i.e. the application of Web 2.0 technologies to workers using network software within an organization or business.
Enterprise 2.0 solutions that VILT uses inter-connect your employees, partners and customers with each other and their collective knowledge seamlessly, helping your teams to build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing various forms of digital content within a secure, unified web collaboration solution. Our collaboration solutions integrate tools like wikis, blogs, rss, file repositories, micro blogs, instant discussions and other social applications into a seamless platform.

Generic functionalities that Enterprise 2.0 solutions must have:

  • Search: allow users to search for other users or content.
  • Links: group similar users or content together.
  • Authoring: include blogs and wikis.
  • Tags: allow users to tag content.
  • Extensions: recommendations of users or content based on profile.
  • Signals: allow people to subscribe to users or content with RSS feeds.
  • Freeform: no barriers to authorship, i.e. free from a learning curve or restrictions.
  • Network-oriented: all content must be Web-addressable.
  • Social: stresses transparency (to access), diversity (in content and community members) and openness (to structure).
  • Emergence: must provide approaches that detect and leverage the collective wisdom of the community.

Check the benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0 solutions:

  • Productivity & efficiency
  • Improved team performance: Acceleration of team interaction and more rapid trust-building.
  • Reduced email overload: Migrating some kinds of organizational communication outside email to create greater personal efficiency.
  • More efficient project management: Enterprise 2.0 tools are extremely relevant to streamlining project management across all domains. Specially relevant for project teams that are multi-location or cross organizations.
  • Faster innovation and product development: Both early stage innovation and taking products through to launch is made more effective by fluid interaction.
  • Increased productivity: People and teams work more effectively through quicker access to resources and easier collaboration. Any knowledge-based work, especially in teams.
  • Staff engagement
  • More effective learning & development: Enterprise tools both provide easier access to content and better connectivity for shared learning.
  • Enhanced collaborative behaviours: Providing tools and initiatives aimed to facilitate collaboration flows through to changed behaviors.
  • Greater staff engagement: Improved ability to communicate with peers and participate in discussion can strongly enhance positive sentiment.
  • Better internal communication: More efficient dissemination of information to employees and communication across the organization.
  • Knowledge
  • Enhanced search: Enabling search to quickly provide the most relevant information and resources for the individual.
  • Easier access to expertise and organizational capabilities: Making it easier to uncover and connect with relevant expertise, either in people or embedded in documents and processes.
  • Reputation
  • Attractiveness as an employer: Younger staff in particular judge potential employers by how innovative and open they are.
  • Uptake of web technologies is often seen as an indicator of a progressive culture. Competitive advantage for hiring the young, talented staff.
  • Improved firm reputation: Innovative approaches create leadership position with an industry and with clients and business partners. Where being an industry leader can impact perceptions.
  • Increased visibility in marketplace: Web 2.0 technologies are highly effective in promoting thought leadership content and building visibility for the firm and key executives.


The table below presents the Enterprise 2.0 solutions/products which VILT uses: 

Commercial Solutions OpenText Social Communities  Learn more
´╗┐´╗┐Open Source Solutions Liferay  Learn more
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