Excellence in Design Integration

VILT was honored in Vienna, during the EMC Momentum 2012, in Partner Innovation Awards ceremony, with the award Excellence in Design Integration assigned to its platform Synergy 4 Documentum.

This award recognizes the excellence of EMC partners who best combine technology, software, integration services, methodologies and best practices in providing solutions for customers. 


VILT Synergy

Connecting Information

VILT Synergy was born from real project challenges and is the result of VILT's more than 10 years of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) field experience developing and integrating solutions in real world enterprises.

The concerns about managing information and how it affects the business extend from the company's CEO to the end user – and it is usually up to the CTO and his IT team to come up with a solution. However, a lot of questions and challenges can make this a painful process:

“How can I ensure document management from the moment my users start using their Office applications?”
“I need to relate my documents with information and business entities that exist on several different systems. How?”
“It would be great to manage my organization structure, creating teams and work groups while automatically reflecting that on the document permissions and rules. Can I do that?”
“I don't want complex, hard to learn and to use tools, but I need Document Management. What are my options?”

These are some of the common questions for an organization - and VILT Synergy is the answer.


What is Synergy?

Technically, VILT Synergy is a framework comprised of several components. But more that a framework, Synergy is also our methodology and design approach to enterprise ECM solutions.

By using Synergy it is possible to combine the powerful information management features with the user's everyday tools - all in the same solution - making the organization more productive while in total control of its prime asset - Information.

The components currently featured in VILT Synergy are:

Synergy Core

Synergy Core is what transforms the word "Integration" into real world benefits. Combining the technical advantages of a SOA architecture with the business alignment of a model driven approach, it allows connecting different provider systems - each one contributing with particular features - and making all these services available to be used by any current or future consumer system. Also, it allows replacing any specific system without affecting the others - simply by changing a single adapter.

Synergy 4 Office

Synergy 4 Office builds on top of the features exposed by Synergy Core and adds a set of Document Management features to the Office suite. This means that your users will have a couple more buttons in word (for instance Checkin and Checkout) and some additional information about the document they are working on, using the tools they're familiar with.

Synergy 4 Outlook

Synergy 4 Outlook builds on top of the features exposed by Synergy Core and adds a set of Document Management features to the Outlook email client. This means that your users will be able to archive emails transforming them into managed documents - once again using the email client they're familiar with.

Synergy 4 Org

Synergy 4 Org is an Organizational Structure Management application. It deals with teams, groups, departments, roles and organizations and also with the rules that should apply to each. By exposing these features as a Synergy provider, all other systems can react automatically. All the decisions are tracked by a sophisticated versioning and then the publishing feature takes care of synchronizing what is needed - for instance the ACLs on the underlying Document Management system.

Synergy 4 Web

Synergy 4 Web is all about having the right user interfaces in the right place. It features a set of Document Management UI components that can be used together or separated, for instance integrated in your Intranet.


Featured ECM adapters

Synergy Adapter 4 EMC Documentum

This adapter makes it possible to take advantage of EMC's Documentum document management capabilities. It exposes the most important features to the Synergy environment making them available - through the Document Management Service - to all other systems.


Synergy Adapter 4 OpenText Content Server (Under Development)

This adapter will make it possible to take advantage of OpenText's Content Server document management capabilities. It will expose the most important features to the Synergy environment making them available - through the Document Management Service - to all other systems.


What about the other systems?

VILT Synergy offers an open, flexible and totally extensible SDK (C# and Java) that makes it very easy to develop new adapters to existing systems. Please contact VILT for information on how we can help you to do that.



  More about Synergy

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