Document Imaging

Easy way to store information.

It is true that the majority of documents created nowadays are created and stored electronically. Nearly every organization however, has a large volume of documents that currently only exist in a paper format. Document Imaging or imaging, allows organizations to capture paper based information and convert it to electronic images that are stored in a computer electronically. There are several reasons why organizations decide to transform these paper documents and make them available electronically:

  • Accessibility
  • Ease of access
  • Enables full text search
  • Space savings
  • Security

Document Imaging solutions fully integrated in your global ECM solution, offer you great benefits:

  • Cost savings: One of a companies major costs is the time it takes to work with paper files. Your employees have to make copies, file paper work and then search through cumbersome filing systems to locate archived paperwork. With document imaging solutions, employees can access files without leaving their desk. With an easy to use search mechanism, you eliminate a lot of wasted time spent searching and filing papers. Another advantage is you will no longer have to keep bulky storage cabinets or rent warehouse space to keep copies of old files. Everything can be done electronically which will save your business money.
  • Security: The security of your files is essential and document imaging solutions secures your files in a variety of ways. First, your files are password protected so only authorized users can gain access. Next, the contents of each document are encrypted to provide an additional level of security. Lastly, each document has a detailed audit trail that shows all users who have accessed a file or made changes to a file.
  • Disaster Recovery: Unfortunately disasters can sometimes be unavoidable. With a paper filing system, if your business suffers a flood or a fire, it is likely that your files will be destroyed. Document imaging solutions provide you with peace of mind by creating electronic copies of your files that are backed up in multiple ways. You can also choose to have data backup's stored off site.


The table below presents the Document Imaging solutions/products which VILT uses:

Commercial Solutions EMC Captiva  Learn more
OpenText Imaging  Learn more
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