Digital Asset Management


First, it is essential to understand what DAM (Digital Asset Management) is all about and its benefits.

In its official definition, the Digital Asset Management refers to the set of tasks and decisions, within an organization, that allows the collection, classification, search, visualization, storage, and distribution of the different multimedia content of the organization (videos, photos, sounds, etc).

Making it simple, a DAM solution offers you the ability to combine all media assets of your organization in one single repository, and that all stakeholders (internally in the organization, but also external agencies and service providers) can access. Everyone can get an updated version of any content (which can save the agency from using an outdated logo on her latest campaign for instance), but the DAM also allows to manage seamlessly any format, and to centralize all contents created..


What are the benefits of DAM?

DAM is an incredible generator of value, with 4 main benefits*:

1) Increase revenue: 79% of companies using a DAM saw their revenue increase by at least 10% and, on average, organizations are even realizing a 24% increase in revenue. Indeed, the use of a DAM accelerates time to delivery for marketing campaigns, but also permits to launch new products more quickly.

2) Reduce asset creation costs: 97% of companies using a DAM have reduced their costs of creating content by at least 10% and, this decrease in asset creation is on average 28%. This can be explained by a better asset reuse, as well as reduced duplications: organizations avoid redoing what has already been done.

3) Reduce risk: By using a DAM, 86% of companies reduced their risk by at least 10%, and on average, organizations are seeing a 23% reduction in risk. Indeed, a DAM allows a better management of rights, and reduces legal costs for rights violations.

4) Increase productivity: Finally, 97% of companies have seen their productivity boosted by at least 10%, while marketing organizations are realizing on average a 34% improvement in productivity, thanks to a reduced time spent searching for assets, more streamlined review/approval processes, and easier collaboration with external stakeholders.

(*) Based on IDC reportsWeb Content Management solutions provide you:

The leading DAM solution: OpenText Media Management

Our preferred DAM solution - and area of expertise - is OpenText Media Management (also known as OTMM), the clear leader in the Digital Asset Management Space for the last decade according to Forrester.

Forrester DAM

Learn more about OpenText Media Management here.



The table below presents the DAM solutions/products which VILT uses:

Commercial Solutions OpenText Media Management  Learn more

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