24x7 Application & Platform Support

Once you have your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions running, you have a big challenge: having the appropriate responsiveness to all the issues that may arise to ensure they run smoothly. This is a complex and expensive task, because:

  1. ECM solutions are complex by nature and require a very high level of expertise and knowledge on the platforms/products being used and on the specific implementation (i.e. the customizations and applications of that specific implementation).
  2. If your systems are critical (which ECM systems typically are) you need support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. So besides the high level of knowledge needed, you also need to have several resources to guarantee the level of service you need. 
VILT Platform & Application Support Services solve this problem, by offering you:
  • The availability you need: 24x7 or business hours. You can report incidents by email, web support system, and phone.
  • The responsiveness you need: Different SLA options available. You define the response time you need.
  • The flexibility you need: Remote support (typical for critical applications) or on-site support according to your needs.
  • The expertise you need: VILT Support Team is made of ECM experts 100% dedicated to platform and application support. 
  • The coverage you need: Both the ECM platforms (OpenText products, EMC products, Alfresco, Liferay, etc) and the specific applications (custom code developed specifically for that implementation) are supported. 

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