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OpenText ECM Platform Extensions

VILT is a customer focused organization, always trying to answer the customer expectations, and so aiming to deliver richer and unique ECM solutions. As a result of dozens of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects implementation and in order to achieve successfully projects, VILT has developed some extensions upon 3rd Party ECM platforms and technologies.


 VILT Motion

Move your content everywhere.

VILT Motion is a powerful and innovative application that simplifies the tasks needed when moving contents from Vignette Content Management (VCM) 6 or Vignette VCM 7 to OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) platform.
VILT Motion was developed to respond to a need experienced by several customers related to the complex and problematic process of moving content from one repository to another.

Traditionally the existent migration scripts that have been used to move contents between WEM instances have several drawbacks.  VILT Motion was design to overcome those limitations. The tool is highly extensible, providing a framework so that different connectors can be used to establish the link between Vignette VCM 6, Vignette VCM 7 and OpenText WEM content repositories.

In fact, VILT motion engine does not connect directly to content repositories, using instead a set of connectors that are platform-dependent and provide a simple communication interface.
VILT Motion is a Java based application and its distributed architecture allows moving content between different platforms, environments and versions.


Friendly URLs

A fast implementation of friendly URL for OpenText WEM.

This extension provided a friendly URL (FURL) implementation for OpenText Web Experience Managemenet (WEM) that provides a very high performance. When publishing contents (channels, content instances, etc) a database table is populated with the FURL, making later very fast to generate pages with FURL, and also to resolve or map FURL with contents. Besides this implementation, the extension adds more features such as: multilanguage FURL, capabilities to omit channels in the FURL, extension to instruct Google to start using the newly created FURL without degrading SEO, etc.


ckeditor with inline links

Use ckeditor as a rich text field editor integrated in OpenText WEM.

Traditionally OpenText WEM has been using ephox editLive as a widget to edit rich text fields. There is a common used extension that adds functionality for inlining links and images in ephox. This extension developed by VILT integrates ckeditor as a widget in OpenText WEM, adding also the capability to use inline links and images. The main benefit of this solution for the end user is perfomance: ckeditor is very light weigth (it is based in JavaScript, not in Java) so if a content type has several rich media fields, there is no performance problems when opening a content instance for editing.


Batch Process Framework

A batch process framework integrated in OpenText WEM.

This extension integrates the popular schedule Quartz into OpenText WEM, allowing the execution of tasks. The extension adds some useful out-of-the-box tasks such as:

  1. Remove unused DPM contents.
  2. Delete finished jobs. 
  3. Find broken references. 
  4. Count content instances.
  5. Import contents via RSS.


Parallel Render

An optimized version of the algorithm used in Render to generate pages.

The render module is executed in the deployment agents and its main responsability is to generate HTML pages that later will be copied to a web server. This module always request pages in sequence, making it very slow when a publishing job implies rendering hundreds of pages. This extension solves that problem by requesting the pages in parallel, making the job execution very fast although it may have to render hundreds or thousands of pages.


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