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DPM for 3rd Party Portals

Dynamic Portal Module (DPM) for Third Party Portals provides out of the box integration of the OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) System with 3rd party Portals (non-OpenText) to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Easy Integration.

DPM for Third Party Portals empowers line of business users to quickly and easily create, add, and modify content from within the context of third party portal managed web pages. It also provides simple point and click features that allow users to change page presentation templates.

DPM for Third Party Portals brings the same dynamic delivery, visual page layout, in-context editing of content and page region caching currently available within OpenText Portal to:

  • Oracle WebCenter Interaction (formerly Aqualogic)
  • Liferay
  • IBM Websphere
  • SAP NetWeaver


Major Benefits:

  • Out of the box WEM integration to non-OpenText portals.
  • Easy to use in-context editing of portal sites.
  • Library of content components for users to add & manage a wide range of content & rich media.
  • Full lifecycle management of content & page layouts.
  • Point & click configuration of portal managed pages.


Who needs DPM?

Customers who...

  • Need to reduce the total cost of ownership for WEM integrations to their preferred portal vendor technologies.
  • Want to dynamically deliver content to users via non-OpenText portal pages for engaging & rich user experiences.
  • Want to empower business users to easily create, modify or add formally managed content to their web pages.
  • Want process & publishing controls for managed content displayed via their portal pages.


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  • DPM for 3rd Party Portals
    DPM for 3rd Party Portals
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  • DPM for 3rd Party Portals
    DPM for 3rd Party Portals
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  • DPM for 3rd Party Portals
    DPM for 3rd Party Portals
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