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Orchestrating a 360º Journey for your Customer

Manage Customer Communications and Digital Assets as one process in your organization

The Customer Journey Explained
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The Customer Journey Explained

Customer Experience management enables enterprises to provide customer-centric experiences across all customer interactions while optimizing operations, control, compliance enterprise information and processes.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Digital Transformation:
    convert your Digital Assets into Business Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    As the demand for more rich, interactive media and video rises in today’s customer-centric environment, digital media management is highly imperative for any organization looking to stay competitive and advance in this digital age. From marketing, creative, web, e-commerce, sales to corporate communications, we all want to engage our staff, partners, customers, prospects and the market with compelling, user-friendly and relevant information.

  • Web Content Management (WCM)

    Make each interaction relevant with meaningful customer journeys Web Content Management (WCM)

    As an organization grows, the need to create and deliver dynamic touch points for its audience, connect with its employees, partners, and customers with the information they need through optimized processes for managing and delivering content to the Web, mobile, or other media channels, is paramount to success in this digital age. Without an intense web presence, it’s easy to ignore potential audiences and overtaken by competitors in today's internet-centric digital age.

  • Customer Communication Management (CCM)

    Each communication is a unique opportunity to reach your customers Customer Communication Management (CCM)

    There should not be a separation between an organizations’ customer communications process and its overall customer experience strategy. Still, as for those working in marketing and business processes, the execution of a consistent omnichannel customer experience can be nearly impossible. They need to manage high volumes of diverse digital content. Still, the issues become more complicated by disconnected point solutions, different departments, inefficient workflows, long lead times to make changes, and strained IT resources. These inefficiencies lead to inconsistent branding, delayed time to market, ineffective communications, diverted time to market, and lost revenue.

  • Workforce Optimization (WFO)

    Enhance the power of your call centre and back-office with a 360º view of the customers Workforce Optimization (WFO)

    Delivering premium customer service is a powerful competitive differentiator in today’s marketplace, which means the performance of your contact centre is crucial to the success of your business. To keep customer satisfaction high, you must measure and understand interactions so you know you are meeting your customers’ needs and identifying opportunities for urgent workforce improvement.

At VILT, we have been 100% dedicated to these tasks since our foundation, having more than 19 years of accumulated know-how.

Our Technical Consultancy services give you the flexibility to have product/technology experts perform the tasks requiring the highest level of technical experience and foresight.

Our Business consultancy services aim to advise you on best use the Enterprise Content Management strategies and solutions to improve your business efficiency and meet your specific business goals. Reduce your operational costs, increase productivity, increase process transparency and maximize your efficiency.

At VILT, we believe detailed specialization and in-depth experience are critical factors to success. All VILT business consultants are 100% specialized in ECM, have IT degrees and real ECM solution implementation experience.


  • A powerhouse combination for your content and digital asset management needs. Get personalized, content-led experiences into the market faster with Adobe Experience Manager, which combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system.

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  • The OpenText™ Experience Platform empowers marketing and Line-of-Business teams to create and deliver omnichannel experiences. It includes best breed applications to enable current marketing ecosystems and technology stacks to create, individualize and deliver engaging experiences at scale intelligently. It offers a unique, simplified purchasing process with a single fixed price for all the foundational Experience Platform products and applications deployed as needed.

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