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OpenText is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information globally. OpenText solves digital business challenges with cloud-native solutions for customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest and most complex organizations in the world

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As organizations worldwide experience massive digital disruption and automation of information tasks, they need a platform that can direct the processes that connect various systems, structured and unstructured content and people to drive positive business outcomes.


Critical to this is connecting processes with content to create “context-rich” strategies. It is no secret that processes need content, and content is managed within the process – whether a form, file, media or voice. Bringing the two together effectively and at the right time creates the context essential to successful decision making and driving desired business results.

Simplicity, Agility & Speed

For many businesses, introducing new services and new working methods can typically take longer than the market demands, causing immense upheaval and disruption. It's no longer what you do that counts, and it’s how you do it - and how quickly you can modify the way you work to take on new opportunities and challenges.

IT infrastructure and systems, in particular, can be difficult and costly to re-engineer and adapt.

Operational strategies and tactics are constantly on the move to search for optimum results at the business level, yet IT frequently struggles to keep pace.

Applications built to make your Business flow

Not all process management platforms can deliver the content management necessary for context-rich processes. Individuals and teams can become more productive and effective within and across operations by integrating structured and unstructured content. Productivity is improved when enterprise content is easier to find and use, when you can collaborate with internal and external teams, when actions on content trigger automated business processes, and visibility into the effectiveness of the functions and content together.

At VILT, we have been 100% dedicated to these tasks since our foundation, having more than 19 years of accumulated know-how.

Our Technical Consultancy services give you the flexibility to have product/technology experts perform the tasks requiring the highest level of technical experience and foresight.

Our Business consultancy services aim to advise you on best use the Enterprise Content Management strategies and solutions to improve your business efficiency and meet your specific business goals. Reduce your operational costs, increase productivity, increase process transparency and maximize your efficiency.

At VILT, we believe detailed specialization and in-depth experience are critical factors to success. All VILT business consultants are 100% specialized in ECM, have IT degrees and real ECM solution implementation experience.


  • OpenText™ AppWorks™ is a low-code development platform for building engaging, innovative, and quickly deploy process automation and dynamic case management applications. With less IT involvement, AppWorks automates business processes, enables better decision making and improves user experiences. It creates new opportunities to re-engineer processes around customer, employee and partner needs, deliver seamless digital experiences and adapt to changing market expectations while improving operational efficiency and managing risk.

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