Digital Transformation

By embracing on the journey of Digital Transformation, increasing their transformation management and digital intensity, organizations will be able to increase their revenue, profit and value.

whats this?

Out with old business models


As the day for digital transformation is before us, the time has arrived where society, governmental instructions as well as public and private sector organizations have to take reforms & correlative plans of action and strategies to survive in this fast-paced Digital transformation age where the Internet of Things (IoT). Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotics and Life Science will drastically change industrial and social structures.


Data is and will continue to be an extremely important factor in the Digital Transformative times. The quality, quantity and distribution speed of usable and applicable Data are directly connected, NOT only to convenience individual's lives but also give a competitive edge to global organizations and countries.

So, what about the Data?

Yes, Data is important, but what is ever more important is how we will manage, store, distribute and integrate our data. As we continue to see the mass amount of Data being accumulated and organized by IoT and its power to revolutionize and transform everything from manufacturing to healthcare and to the layout and function of entire cities.

Why you need toBecome aDigital Leader?


“ Digital leaders [DIGIRATI] generate more revenue, are more profiatable and more valuable companies.”

Source: “The digital advantage” MIT Sloan

Digital maturity is a combination of two separate but related dimensions:

Digital intensity

is investment technology-enabled initiatives to change how the company operates - its customer engagements, internal operations, and even business models;

transformation management intensity

are the leadership capabilities necessary to drive digital transformation in the organization. Transformation intensity consists of the vision to shape a new future, governance and engagement to steer the course, and IT/business relationships to implement technology-based change.

As organizations continue to look for faster, cheaper and smarter automation of everything from emails and content generation to industrial manufacturing. Powerful and Dynamic management of information will be paramount for every business to have a competitive chance.

Information Technology giants such as Microsoft, SAP and OpenText are heavily investing in analytics, more specifically IoT as they are seeing the power of this combination in driving new critical business insights across a vast array of industries and applications.
Giving insight to the materialization of custom-made mass production corresponding to individual consumer's needs. As well as the realization of the “evolving of vehicles”, just like smart phones, fully automated driving turning the interior of a vehicle into a living room and having health management wearable devices where health condition will be monitored in real time and analysis results utilized for preventive medicine, therapies, etc.

As the pace of change continues to surge and the number of new technological developments continue to rise it will become more imperative that companies move fast while moving forward toward growth

What is digital transformation about?

It's about defining and leveraging a solid digital strategy that brings business value and competitive advantage to the organization.


It's about defining and leveraging a solid digital strategy that brings business value and competitive advantage to the organization.

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