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What we believe


Our 5 commandments.

The best way to describe VILT's culture and values is letting you know VILT's 5 commandments, the professional ethics foundation of this company, which every VILT Employee is very familiar with:

  1. CUSTOMER's interests are always FIRST.
  2. We are a TEAM and work ALWAYS as a TEAM.
  3. Each TEAM MEMBER always gives his BEST.
  4. We are ALWAYS part of the SOLUTION, never part of the problem.
  5. GOOD HUMOUR is mandatory.


Our People. Your Success.

VILT is a team of talented, dedicated and innovative people. Because at VILT we believe specialization and experience are two critical factors of success, all VILT business consultants are 100% specialized in ECM, have IT degrees and real ECM solution implementation experience.

Our Experts have unique technical skills and know-how and always face the challenges with the right attitude, enabling VILT to be a customer strategic partner.