Quality ISO 9001 certified


VILT's mission

VILT’s mission is to ensure the highest level of Client’s satisfaction, in the implementation of Enterprise Content Management support systems, either through its own solutions either using the solutions of its strategic partners.

In order to achieve these goals, VILT:

  • Has the best professionals
  • Commits to innovation and the development of their own solutions
  • Establishes partnerships with other companies after a careful evaluation and selection, whose know-how or products, can be complementary
  • Uses the most sophisticated methodologies of software development, dramatically reducing the risks associated with software projects
  • Maintains a constructive and close dialogue with the client in order to comply with their requirements carefully

In an increasingly competitive market, VILT always seeks to differentiate itself from their competition either by the quality of the products and projects that implements or by its lower cost of operation and maintenance, assuring its clients maximum efficiency.

VILT’s vision

In an increasingly global, competitive and aggressive market only the best survive!

Aware of this, VILT knows that just by innovating and providing to the clients solutions that make them differentiate from their competitors, that give them more competition and to allow them to adapt quickly to a changing market, their will be able to continue to receive recognition from clients.

Companies, above all, are made of PEOPLE.

This is our greatest asset and therefore that witch we value most.

Quality Policy

In order to fulfill the mission to which it proposes, VILT undertakes to develop, maintain and improve its Quality Management System, in order to:

  • Ensure operational effectiveness and process improvement, irrespective of the size of its organizational structure and organizational complexity continued growth 
  • Ensure strict compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to its business 
  • Offer its clients solutions that address their business requirements and which have a low maintenance cost
VILT commits to:
  • Recruit the best professionals and provide them with the expertise and resources necessary for optimal performance of their duties 
  • Maintain and promote a healthy living environment among its employees and its clients and partners, never forgetting that the projects are made by people for people 
  • Distinguish and reward its employees that stand out for their abilities or made ​​in furtherance of VILT’s objectives and its clients 
  • Using the most advanced technologies and methodologies giving clients the competitive advantage that allows them to be market leaders in their fields 
  • Always work with full transparency and fairness thus winning the confidence of its clients, employees and partners.
  • We commit to our  shareholders and directors, to ensure above all, the interests of the company promoting its sustainable growth and financial stability, paying their capital in a fair and balanced view of the company objectives.
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