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VILT is Green IT Certified


VILT is proud to be the first Green IT Certified company in Portugal.

The Green IT is a certification that evaluates the sustainability of IT companies through a rigorous standard that includes guidelines, procedures and specifications for monitoring.

Our Green IT strategy will allow a reduction in costs, with the reduction of energy consumption in the order of 15%, and reduced paper use by the expansion of our Document Management System to other departments and business processes.

The challenge VILT faces is to maintain its commitment to maximize energy efficiency, purchasing certified hardware, promote recycling and biodegradability of no longer used products and work with suppliers who have the same kind of environmental concerns.

All monitoring of this activity is the responsibility of the entity SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), regarded as the world's largest organization in the field of inspection, verification, testing and certification.


Achieving sustainability

Our Green IT Process encompassed 3 key moments: Analysis (weaknesses, strenghths and opportunities), Green IT Strategy definition and its 12 months roadmap Implementation.




Our Green Policy

Check the main areas where we decided to take strategic actions:


The Green engagement

The Green IT Initiative success is a commitment of all VILT´s employees. Several activities were conducted to encourage participation, suggestions and new ideas.

The greatest achievement was having the whole team engaged, because a sustainable company is built of a collective environmental consciousness and daily contributions.