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BPI: Automatic Processing of Lien Notifications

As a result of the delivered solution, BPI has now the capacity to process 2000 notification documents per hour. This way, the notifications received daily are processed in a matter of minutes, eliminating any risk of no compliance with the legal lien deadlines for the bank institution.


Ferbritas: Corporate Document Management in a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

“The go live of the new document management solution based on the EMC Documentum and Captiva products and developed by VILT had a positive impact on Ferbritas business and brought real and effective benefits to the company’s activity that reflect directly in the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative, logistic and operational processes and indirectly but tangibly in the quality of the services offered.” (João Meireles, Ferbritas Business Specialist)


The National: Achieving Agile Processes for Online Content Management

The National has more than three million page views a month, with more than a hundred articles edited daily by a variety of staff members throughout the newsroom. It was crucial to work with a team that understood our desire for an easier process to manage content and the need for faster and more intuitive ways to edit and create news every day." (David Green, Web Supervisor at The National)


Iberia: Migration to OpenText Web Experience Management 7.6 Platform

The migration process enables Iberia with updated versions of OpenText Web Experience Management and OpenText Portal platforms. Therefore, Iberia acquired a more agile platform, for easier content edition and management.